A Happy Bit of News

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Unfortunately, I have no pictures to go along with this blog post, but I couldn’t resist sharing my happy news. Late this week, my mom informed me that she has decided to fly out here on the 31st and stay until  February 9th (just after my brother-in-law arrives). Which means that as long as this baby can wait just 6 more days, Mavid will have someone to look after him while I’m in labour, and I won’t have to be alone!

That news was exciting enough, but today we invited my Grandma out as well, and it’s confirmed – they will both be flying down from Canada together in less than a week!

The only time my Grandma has visited Boulder was during all the flooding. She (and my Grandpa) drove down to spend one week here, and the day after they arrived the rain started – and it didn’t stop. Needless to say, we didn’t get out much that week; so hopefully she’ll get a chance to get to know Boulder a little better this time. I’m hoping we can squeeze in a family photo shoot while they are in town, maybe even handing the camera over to my husband so we can get a 4 generation photo.

I am super excited that they are both coming, and hope the baby cooperates so they will be around for the birth. My mom didn’t make it to Mavid’s birth (just over 3 years ago) because he arrived less than a day before she did, and I know this time she is hoping to be present.

It is such a huge relief to know that as long as this baby stays cooking for 1 more week, I will have lots of extra support. I will be taking it very easy this week  to try and keep this baby in there. But no matter what, it will be great to have them around, and I can’t wait till they get here. I feel so lucky!

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