Evie’s 3-month milestone session

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This past Sunday we celebrated Evie turning 3 months old. Not really a celebration exactly, but I made sure to do at least a semi-organized session to mark the occasion.

We drove on over to one of my favourite family play / photo spots – Coot Lake. Though I did take photos, mostly we played and enjoyed the afternoon.

Right now I am a mixture of feelings. Torn between thinking “Oh my gosh, how is she already 3 month’s old!”, and “How was there ever a time when she wasn’t here with us”.

I am soaking in all the new experiences that come with having 2 littles instead of one, and a little girl instead of a boy (already she is so different than her big brother!). I’ve enjoyed watching my 3 year old son in the role of caring and protective big brother. It feels like he grew up overnight when she was born. And of course I am enjoying all of her newness and firsts. I wish I could bottle up these moments and save them and experience them over and over again. Since realistically I can’t do that, I did my best to capture a little bit of how she is right now, and what I see every day; her soft cheekies, her little lips, the way Mavid looks at her, and her squishy sweetness.

I love this little family of mine. Happy 3 month’s Evelyn Jean!

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