Mama & Baby Weekend

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The boys in the house were down for the count this weekend. My son came down with a terrible cold and ear infection mid-week, and it only got worse, and then my husband caught it. They both watched movies and slept the weekend through. I hate seeing them sick, but it gave Evie & I the chance to have a girls weekend (and for me to catch up on all the work I have been neglecting around the house). Housework certainly piles up when you have 2 littles… I must do about 50 loads of laundry a week!

When I have my hands full with the both of them, it is rare I get a chance to take out the camera and just snap away – so the opportunity to have some photo fun with Evie while Mavid was taken care of was irresistible. I came away with quite a few photos I would like to have printed. My hope is to do some canvases to decorate the nursery (which has been quite neglected, and is full of junk). Evelyn sleeps in our room for now, so I haven’t put any time into the nursery yet. Maybe getting some cute canvases will help inspire me to finally prepare her room.

I have to say, babies are some of my favourite subjects. I love that they giggle over a funny face, or strange raspberry noises, and that you never know what silly expression they’re going to make next, with no inhibition. As a mom I wish I could record every sweet expression because I know she will change and grow so quickly, and soon these days will be a faded memory.

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