Noelle |Maternity Session

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I was so excited to do photos for Noelle on our trip to Oregon last week. She is married to Roberto (my husband’s close childhood friend), but because of distance we hadn’t seen them since we attended their wedding back when I was pregnant with Mavid 4 years ago!

Since then, she has become a wonderful mama to a sweet 2 1/2 year old named Kai, and is due with a little girl in early September! I’m so happy for her, and I can’t wait for baby Leela’s debut.

For this shoot, we did two mini sessions, one solo session in the evening just for Noelle, and a family session mid-morning. Noelle was radiant (as always), and Roberto was such a good sport – definitely has a lot of love for his wife and kiddo(s)!

I totally couldn’t resist Kai’s sneakers, and his willingness to snuggle with his mama. He is a sweetheart for sure, and he is going to make the most wonderful big brother. During our visit he was enamored with my baby Evelyn, giving her tickles and being sweet to her – so it is clear he has an affinity for baby girls.

Baby Leela, you’re joining one great family!





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