Snowy Family Fun

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I made it! My Mom & Grandma arrived late last night, and baby is still baking, so we are in the clear. Also it is officially the year of the horse so this baby will definitely be a “horse baby” – yay! Unfortunately I woke up with a cold Friday morning, which is no fun – hopefully I will recover quickly.

Since I’m not too concerned about going to labour at this point, we got out and had some fun today. I’m still taking it kind of easy with the cold, but it isn’t such a bad cold so it won’t stop me from getting out and enjoying the time I have with my family.

Thanks to the weather, our first adventure was sledding. I have been wanting to take Mavid sledding all winter, but there hasn’t been a good dump of snow on a weekend or while we have had visitors until now (I’m in no shape to be going down the hills with Mavid myself). This weekend the weather finally cooperated and we were able to take Mavid out sledding for the first time since we moved to Boulder (nearly a year ago). He has tried sledding one other time; when we visited Canada just after he turned 2, but he wasn’t too keen on it back then.

Being from Canada, I have been sledding since I was a baby, but Mavid was born in California and hasn’t had much opportunity. I was curious to see what he would think of it this time. Let me just say, he had a blast (and I had a blast watching him)! He went down the hill with his Dada first, then with Grammy, and then he was such a brave boy-o and wanted to go down all by himself. The rest of the morning he spent zooming down the hill all by himself, forwards and backwards, getting as much speed as he could – he was delighted.

Even though he could have continued like that forever, eventually we decided it was time to leave because those of us who weren’t running up and down the hill with a sled were freezing our bums off. We made sure to stop at Starbucks to warm up and have a treat on the way home.

It was a great day and I’m so glad that my Mom & Grandma were able to share it with us.

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