Sunflower Farm | Play Day Casual Photos

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I hadn’t heard of Sunflower Farm until late this Spring. Located not far from Boulder, in South Longmont; it was a convenient and fun place to visit with the kids. If you are like I was, and haven’t heard of Sunflower Farm; it is a hobby farm with a ton of hands-on activities, designed for young kids to explore. There were so many things for them to do, they just loved it. Closing time came way too quickly.

We visited in mid-may, and the weather was perfect. Just as we were heading out, minutes from closing time, a rain storm began – but we couldn’t have asked for a nicer morning.

I took photos of a variety of the activities, but there were some we didn’t get to. The kids took the lead, and Mavid definitely spent the majority of his time getting lost in the giant hay pile. They also loved feeding the animals from the buckets of corn scattered around the animal pens, building with the mega building blocks, and climbing on the farm machinery.

If you have toddlers &/or preschoolers; seriously, I can’t recommend this place enough!

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