Sweet Maple Photography | Official relaunch

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I started Sweet Maple Photography, 2 years ago. Right before Evie was born. I had hoped I could be both a stay at home mom AND put my heart and soul into my photography business. Well, wouldn’t you know it, a newborn, a 3-year-old, and trying to keep up with Sweet Maple proved to be a bit too much.

Over the past year, I have been feeling the pull, back to Sweet Maple. I did sessions here and there for some friends, but I just couldn’t devote myself.

Well, doing two newborn sessions back-to-back last week, got the fire burning in me again. I just can’t resist anymore. My youngest daughter is almost 2, and though I want to be home with my kiddos as much as I can, I am at the point where I can start doing what I love again.

So, Sweet Maple is officially back in business. I can’t wait to create some beautiful stuff for you guys!

To celebrate my re-launch, I will be offering up to 40% off sessions booked before January 1st!*

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*Your shoot can be any time in 2015 or 2016 to lock in the discount,  but session must be booked by Jan 1st

Noelle |Maternity Session

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I was so excited to do photos for Noelle on our trip to Oregon last week. She is married to Roberto (my husband’s close childhood friend), but because of distance we hadn’t seen them since we attended their wedding back when I was pregnant with Mavid 4 years ago!

Since then, she has become a wonderful mama to a sweet 2 1/2 year old named Kai, and is due with a little girl in early September! I’m so happy for her, and I can’t wait for baby Leela’s debut.

For this shoot, we did two mini sessions, one solo session in the evening just for Noelle, and a family session mid-morning. Noelle was radiant (as always), and Roberto was such a good sport – definitely has a lot of love for his wife and kiddo(s)!

I totally couldn’t resist Kai’s sneakers, and his willingness to snuggle with his mama. He is a sweetheart for sure, and he is going to make the most wonderful big brother. During our visit he was enamored with my baby Evelyn, giving her tickles and being sweet to her – so it is clear he has an affinity for baby girls.

Baby Leela, you’re joining one great family!





Evie’s 5 Month | Sitting Milestone Session

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It blows me away how quickly my little girl is growing. I want to keep her tiny forever. I am trying to do a session for her to mark each month, and her 5 month session happened to coincide with her learning to sit on her own. I just love documenting these special milestones!

We didn’t have a lot of time for this session, so I just did a quick mini session at a park near our house in between going to some yard sales (our fun family event this Saturday).

Evie was very sweet and cheerful as she sat near a little river in Catalpa Park. As usual she was sucking on her fingers and drooling up a storm! Enjoy :)

Rainy Summer Afternoon

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I don’t remember it being very rainy last summer (except of course during the Boulder / Lyons flood in September 2013). We sure have been enjoying all the afternoon showers this summer though.

Mavid especially loves the puddles (of course), and finding bugs. It sure is a fun break from the heat!

Chelsey & Lynn | Mother-Daughter Photoshoot

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When Chelsey asked me to do a mother-daughter photoshoot for her and her Mom, Lynn, I was so excited! They are both so fun, and such beautiful people; inside & out.

We chose to do the shoot at Coot Lake – I just love the colours there, especially near sunset. Chelsey showed up in cowgirl inspired attire, and with the long grasses, wooden fences and golden sunlight, it was a perfect fit.

After a few sweet photos of the pair playing in the long grass, Chelsey wanted to slip off her cowboy boots and dip her toes in the cool lake. The water here is very inviting.

These two have  such a strong bond. This shoot was full of laughter and silliness; it is impossible not smile around them because their genuine happiness is contagious.