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When we first moved to Boulder, we would visit the library at least once a week – it was one of the reasons I fell in love with this city. The atmosphere is so friendly, and there are so many great activities for kids. With reading time in the morning almost every day of the week, it was (and is) a great place to frequent in the winter; to get out of the house yet avoid the cold.

Since we have had a lot of visitors over the past few months, we haven’t really gotten out to the library in a while. So once everyone left, I made a point to get over there.

I love that so many families take advantage of storytime (and the other baby / tot activities) – every time we go it has been packed with kids & their parents or babysitters. My son Mavid has never been too keen on sitting through the entire story time; he prefers to go explore the library, throw pennies in the fountain and play with the other kiddos afterwards. We’ve been there 3 times in the past 2 weeks, and he seems to be enjoying story time more and more, which makes me happy. He loves to read so much at home, but I would like to get him participating more in group activities with kids his age.

As ever, his favourite thing at the library is the magical drop box that opens and carries away the books and other library items you stick in there. That thing is really a kid magnet!

To those of you with small kiddos, if you ever make your way over to BPL, shoot me a message & we can try to meet up (& maybe sneak in a few photos).

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